Friday, 1 July 2011

A very fine donation.

A big thank you to Wayne Smith and St James Place Capital for the very kind and generous donation to ELF.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thank You and Cheers.

Well that's all folks. Thank you for following my 630 mile stroll in 40 days around the South West Coast Path.

It has been enormous fun and whilst there were more challenging days at the start when I was unfit and carrying too much weight (on me and my rucksack) , I still thrived on the challenge. Dig in !

A big thank you to all those who walked with me for a day or two; your company was appreciated and I hope you enjoyed it.

A special thank you to those who not only had me to stay, but also patiently took me back to the previous nights collection point.

I thoroughly enjoyed the message and email banter with friends.

I thoroughly appreciate darling Jo allowing me the time away. My previous employer also made the stroll possible by granting me a permanent leave of absence.

Finally, thank you for all the kind donations to ELF, small or large, they all count and we are well on the way to meeting the Target figure. Your donations will make a difference to those suffering with leukemia today and in the future. My dear Mum Hilarie Maunder would be proud of all of you.

Cheers.....mine's a Tribute.

Another Banner and Marker shot.

Family shot with ELF banner.

Thank you Sarah Shaw of ELF for coming along to greet us and bringing the banner. There is still time to make a donation to ELF if you plan to.

Minehead arrival at SWCP Marker.

Arrived at 2.45 to lovely reception by family members. Has been a very pleasant stroll today in lovely sunny conditions.

Final descent into Minehead.

Still enjoying every moment.

Burgundy Chapel.

We were making far too good time so got agreement to take the team off road down a very steep decline to visit the old ruin of Burgundy Chapel.
Dunster Castle records of 1405 show this was a quiet sanctuary of the Lord Dunster. Bit like us fellas have a shed down the garden I guess.